Thursday, May 9, 2013

Passing the security at the airport in Mexico City. My half-empty backpack enters the X-ray machine. There's nothing of interest inside, but the man at the screen calls the lady who does the actual bag searches and shows her something: "mira esto". His face is bored, but his eyes are excited. She gives him an understanding look and nods. I have no clue what this can be about.

"Can I open your bag?". Sure. Please, go ahead. She knows what she's after. With a swift and precise movement she takes out - a book. What's wrong with Cormack McCarthy? Is this stuff really so potent as to give out some strange glow in an X-ray machine? She flips through the pages with disappointment. "Thank you, that's all."

I'm still wondering what they mistook Blood Meridian for. Probably, a wad of cash.

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