Monday, July 29, 2013

Ocumicho art after 9/11

This is a photo from 2004. Pátzcuaro, el día de muertos. The colorful construction on sale is supposed to represent one of the towers of the World Trade Center. Whatever is glued to the middle of it is meant to be an airplane. The firemen with hoses also belong to the composition. The second tower is wrapped in plastic, in the box behind the sleepy seller.

There are other interesting things at the same stall, such as a scene of the fall of Adam and Eve, together with numerous devils. One glance at the forbidden fruit is enough to see why it had been forbidden.

If this seems sinister, you should have visited the same market last year. Ocumicho artisans by then had found new themes. A fellow hanging another fellow on a tree, the girlfriend of the victim weeping on her knees. Robbers shooting at travelers on a road. And - a model of hell, which looked like Earth on fire, with devils flying around it on thin wires. First place at the artisans' exhibition. 

Alas, photography was not allowed, apparently, in order to prevent pirated copies of hell from appearing on the black market.

A larger photo is here.

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