Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The Nose

Yesterday had this surgery. I was promised a bizarre procedure of detaching my nose from my face, applying some magic to it and sticking it back somewhere between my eyes and my mouth. This is supposed to make me healthy.

If this stuff sounds like fun to you, I should discourage you from trying it for recreation, even though I did enjoy the anesthesia.

Now my life is miserable, and will be for a few days, since I am only able to breathe with my mouth. A carp on a fishmonger's counter - that´s how it feels.

This is because my new nose will flap in the wind like a flag or fall off altogether, unless something is inserted into my nostrils to prevent it from doing so. Think of the precariousness of a snowman's carrot in April sun.

Just before going to the hospital reread Gogol's The Nose. It doesn't quite prepare you, I'm afraid, only gives you weird, weird dreams ...

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